The best flash games today

by on Nov.18, 2014, under Games

There are so many exciting flash games available on the Internet that it can be hard to tell which one is worth playing. This is perhaps one of the reasons why people pay a lot of money to play such games on their PlayStation or Xbox. However, there is no need to part with your cash when we have some of the best flash games right here. So next time you are bored or looking for an engaging game to play, take a look at these brilliant flash games that you can play on your PC or laptop.

Line Rider

Just like its name, you have to ride a line and design a route that allows your character to complete the whole course. This game can be quite difficult to master at first but once you get good at it, you will want to play it again and again.

Super Mario

Perhaps one of the most popular and well-recognised flash games is Super Mario World. This game is incredibly fun and engaging for people of all ages. The best thing is you won’t need to spend money on expensive Nintendo DS games as you can easily play this game online straight from your PC. In fact, you can link to this website and start playing right now http://www.marioflash.org/.

Helicopter game

This basic flash game is highly addictive for players of all ages. Your task is to achieve the highest score through the completion of different levels. If you want to play against your friends, this is the game to take part in.