VIP – The Only Way to Play in an Online Casino

by on Oct.10, 2017, under Games

Many online and brick casinos run a VIP program which benefits both the players and the house in many different ways. Outlined below is how an online VIP program works and we examine its benefits in more detail. First of all, let’s look at a specific online VIP program like 888-poker’s VIP program. With this VIP program, there is a loyalty scheme which consists of a variety of levels which need to be reached. Once the player reaches the top they are then admitted into the VIP program. When working up through the various levels of the loyalty scheme there are various incentives such as cash back and bonuses where the amount will be relative to a number of points earned and the level achieved. At this particular initial VIP level, the cash back is a higher amount 18% compared to 4% at Silver level and there is also the opportunity to enter into Poker tournaments which have a higher cash prize. Once the required number of points has been reached for the first VIP level then the player can progress to a Diamond and Platinum level where the cash back bonuses will certainly be much higher as will the end cash prize. For regular poker players, a VIP program certainly has benefits and works in a beneficial way for all concerned. For example; A VIP program ensures that there will always be an element of a cash back bonus however small which means:

  • The player has an incentive to play more.
  • When the player plays more they gain extra points.
  • When they gain extra points this enables them to move up through the levels.
  • When they move up through the levels this enables the player to reach higher cash bonuses and higher value prizes.

A VIP program is a guaranteed way to make sure that the player always wins some money (however small the amount may be) when playing online poker.