Poker -The Basics

by on Oct.16, 2017, under Games

Poker is an increasingly popular pastime. For people new to poker, it may seem rather complicated, but one of the reasons for its popularity is that it really isn’t so complicated at all – it’s an easy game to get into.

Another one of the reasons for its popularity is that there are several ways that you can play. You can play in the comfort of your own bedroom online with live dealers, play with your friends with a few beers, or if you fancy a night out, you can play in the casino downtown.

Different Poker Versions

There are several different types of poker, such as Texas Hold’em, Straight Poker, Draw Poker, and Stud Poker. But to start off with it’s probably best to learn the basics of either Draw Poker or Stud Poker as they are the easiest to learn.

The rules for these variants of poker are actually very similar. In both games, you are dealt five cards from a standard 52 card deck. All cards are dealt one at a time, and once the player has received all five cards, they will evaluate how strong their cards are. Draw Poker is slightly different in that players can draw up to 3 cards from a deck of cards, if they are not happy with their cards. The relative strengths of poker cards can be reviewed here.

If you are confident with the strength of your hand, then you can bet chips on you having the strongest hand. If you think you have a strong hand, you can raise. This is when everyone else must match your chips to carry on playing. If no-one is willing to match your chips (and they fold) then you will win the round. The problem comes when someone matches your amount of chips. If they have the better hand, then they will win all your chips.

These are the basics of poker! Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start learning the rules of the other forms of the beautiful game, which share some similarities, but also some subtle differences. Happy poker playing!