Best Online Role Playing Games

by on Nov.27, 2014, under Games

Most Role playing games, or RPG’s, played online are categorized as Massively Multiplayer Online RPG’s, or MMORPGs. These involve thousands of players interacting with each other and a virtual world with the use of controllable avatars. Focuses are usually on story telling, combat situations and character (avatar) progress and development. In-game markets allow the purchase of better equipment and characters gain experience through completion of tasks in order to learn new skills and improve their attributes.

World of Warcraft is currently the most successful MMORPG in existence with millions of monthly subscribers. Players assume a fantasy character in one of two main factions and experience the fantasy world of Azeroth by battling computer controlled monsters and each other using timer based skills and attacks.

Wildstar is a newer entry into the MMORPG genre and does a few things differently than World of Warcraft. The battle system is active, meaning that targeting is not automatic and the ability to dodge is a key part of combat. Wildstar’s fantasy world of Nexus blends science fiction, steam punk and fantasy into one genre.

Eve Online is a space based RPG unique in this field in that a player pilots a ship in space instead of controlling a humanoid avatar. Notable to Eve is the lack of concrete story and the emphasis on player versus player engagements as giant player controlled factions (called corporations) fight for building materials, planets and other in-game resources.

Although not available yet, Everquest Next could be the next big MMORPG. Everquest being the original MMORPG, this newest iteration of the franchise has been completely revamped. Notable is the 100% destructible environment, a genre first.